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Wax Crayon art

A wax crayon was originally used for marking plastic, ceramic, metal or glass surfaces where problem was to use a graphite pencil. Wax crayon is so special and interesting drawing tool which can be easily used even for drawing on paper. The lead of wax crayon contains a large amount of wax, a little of filler and it has high pigment. Wax helps to keep the soft even a bit gummy consistence. It can be suitably used for creating soft, light and deep, velvet tone. It is very similar to oil pastel and while using it, you can apply the technique of superposition of colours and erasing as used with oil pastels. It is more accurate than oil pastel because of the similarity to graphite pencil and its easy sharpening and holding.

The main sign of wax crayon is strong and robust line. Its lines cannot be wiped off so you can hardly correct the drawing. You can draw not only strong pigmented lines but also light lines with wax crayon. If you slowly shadow the drawing, you can gain almost invisible transition among the tones. To reach a wide palette of tones it is necessary to shadow the drawing soft touches.

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