Christmas challenge.

The Christmas challenge is here! Let's create together the atmosphere of this Christmas!

Christmas is coming. Soon, there will be Advent time, full of preparations for the most magical time of the year. A time that should be the most beautiful for everyone during the next four weeks. A period full of expectations, hopes and fulfilled wishes.

We have to be closer than ever this Christmas and Koh-i-noor is here with you!

How to get involved?

  • Follow the instagram profile kohinoor_hardtmuth.
  • Upload any picture with a Christmas motive to your profile and tag it with the hashtag #ChristmasKohinoor.
  • We will share the best posts in our Stories and celebrate Christmas together!

What is waiting for you?

The whole Christmas challenge will start on the first Sunday of Advent and will take place on our Instagram profile kohinoor_hardtmuth.

Over the course of the next four weeks, we will introduce you some of our products. You will learn how to work with them, where you can purchase them and we will gradually add these tips about Christmas presents to this article. We look forward to your pictures!

Tips for christmas presents.

Aquarelle paints.

High intensity colours.

With natural pigments.

High lightfastness.

Abrasion resistant after drying.

Drawing inks.

Metallic inks better than common:

High pigmentation.

Brilliance in shades.

Resistance to water.

Light permanency.

Brilliant watercolours.

Higher level of watercolours:

Rich colour shades.

Easy to use.



Acrylic paints.

Suitable for all surfaces.

Unique shiny colors.

High quality and pigment.

Mutual miscibility.

32 shades.

Hard pastels.

Artists' hard pastels brown or grey:

Highly pigmented.




Tri-Tone pencils.

Multicoloured pencils.

Three-colour lead.

High quality pigments.

For professional use.

Polycolor coloured pencils.

Top quality.

Coloured pencils with heavily pigmented core.

Excellent surface finish, lacquered ending and gold labelling.

For artistic and hobby drawing.


Aquarelle pastels.

High quality products with excellent drawing properties.

The set of 24 coloured pencils includes a brush, sharpener and a graphite pencil.

Painting over and water-soluble.


Christmas challenge

The Christmas challenge is here! Let's create together the atmosphere of this C...
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