Introducing a New Website.

KOH-I-NOOR HARDTMUTH's website is getting a brand new design. Besides the design, the established domain brings a number of new features.

The update of the website is aimed at making it easier for visitors to navigate through the site and in the assortment, awakening the passion for creating and providing a helping hand in creative activities.

The pure white tile-like design of the desktop version will match the version for mobile phones with its clarity and simplicity. Automatic adaptation of the individual elements to the display size is a matter of course.

The new site comes with a different navigation structure. While the product catalogue has disappeared from the site itself, visitors are directed directly to the e-shop, where we provide them with the most up-to-date information about our products.

Finding a suitable product is also easier thanks to the division of the portfolio according to the user and purpose. The biggest change was made to the assortment for children, which is newly divided into five categories according to age. The groups will make it easier for you to find the right product. On the new blog, you will learn how to work with our products. In addition to other new products, it will also bring you inspiration and tips for creation.

An important innovation is the introduction of an interactive map of stores that will direct you to the nearest KOH-I-NOOR HARDTMUTH brand store upon entering your location. Foreign clients can use the services of e-shop. The website will be automatically displayed to them in English.


Fall in Love with Oil Paints

Oil paints are the most beautiful medium for many artists. It's the scent of turpentine and linseed oil that gives the studio a charm. Canvases painted with oil paints have something that can hardly be substituted for another medium.
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Advantages of KOH-I-NOOR HARDTMUTH Crayons

Let's take a look at the assessment of the quality of our crayons through the eyes of an expert.
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Discover the Magic of the Blender

In some sets, or sometimes separately, you will find a crayon with a white hard tip, the use of which you may be unsure of. We'll reveal you its secret.
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Tips for Your Child’s Birthday Celebration

A birthday party is a very important event for every birthday person. Get inspired for what to create for children!
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Drawing Inks with Metallic Shades

One of the basic drawing techniques is working with drawing ink. The metallic shades deliver a special effect.
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Master the Hard Gioconda Art Pastels

In addition to soft pastels, artists like to use hard pastels for their special qualities.
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Brilliant Watercolours, Ideal for Schoolchildren

After we introduce classic watercolours to our children and we are confident that they have mastered a proper way of holding brush and handling colours, it's time to discover new and yet unknown brilliant colours.
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Wax Crayons – Crayons for Children

Are you thinking about suitable crayons for your kids? Don't forget wax crayons!
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Versatil with Metallic Shades

Who wouldn't want to try a mechanical pencil with metallic leads?
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Tips for Pencil Drawing

A pencil is an indispensable tool for any design and sketching. It's hard to find a creative person who wouldn't have a pencil in his or her pen case. Although it is a medium commonly available in any stationery store, not all pencils are the same. It is worth it to think about the choice.
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Soft Pastels – Round vs. Square

Let's have a look at the differences in the use of round and square soft pastels.
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Wax Aquarell – Three in One

Artistic aquarelle wax pastels with a strong core in wooden packaging. Suitable for children, designers, artists, and illustrators.
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