Kids collection accompany our little ones from their first creative steps, through playing and creating at home and at school up to their adulthood. All products from this collection have undergone the strictest health and safety tests. For better orientation we divide them into age groups.

0-3 years: Fantastic discovering.

Have you got a little baby at home and are you looking for advice for its proper development? Get inspired with us.

How to start with a child.

Fantastic discovering - Writing

How to Attract Child’s Attention.

Fantastic discovering - Drawing

What to Do for a Healthy Child.

Fantastic discovering - Others

3-6 years: Joyful playing.

Are you looking for suitable activities for your little child? Let us recommend you some.

How to Hold a Pencil Properly.

Joyful playing - Writing

How to Entertain a Child.

Joyful playing - Drawing

What to Do with a Child.

Joyful playing - Painting

How to Support your Child’s development.

Joyful playing - Others

For school: Teachers recommend.

Are you teaching at primary school and looking for new inspiration to support your pupils' development? You are in the right place!

How to Teach Child to Write.

Teachers recommend - Writing

What the Pen Case should Contain.

Teachers recommend - Drawing

What to Offer to Pupils.

Teachers recommend - Painting

How to Make Teaching Easier.

Teachers recommend - Others

6-11 years: Fun and study.

Do you want to decide on your life? You will find some nice ideas here.

What to Give Others.

Fun and study - Painting

What to Do in the Leisure Time.

Fun and study - Others

11-14 years: Cool and original.

Do you want to excel in something? We'll show you how to be different.

How to Be Different.

Cool and original - Writing

How to Let Know about Yourself.

Cool and original - Drawing

How to Decorate Your Personal Space.

Cool and original - Others

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