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The pencil art

The graphite pencil is economical, useful and clean tool for creation. The lead of graphite pencil is made of graphite and clay. Clay has got two functions in this material – before firing the lead, it holds the mixture together and after firing its functions is to be a firm structure to hold the graphite. Graphite itself takes care of the process of drawing.

Drawing with the graphite pencil is on one hand enduring and on the other hand easily correctable which is impossible at any other drawing or painting tool. The character of line is more or less depending on the gradation of the pencil.

For simpler drawings and sketches, pencils H, HB or B are the most appropriate for their medium gradation. Line drawn by a softer pencil gradation 3B to 7B is richer, thicker and has got velvet tone. While using pencil for drawing, there exists a wide range of ways how to create an impression of a tone. There are the most common and used methods and they are hatching, shadowing and shadowing with the combination of smudging the lead. Another favourite way is for example rehearsing contours of the object. The drawing of pencil can be of course combined with other tools and techniques.

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