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Oil pastels

Oil pastels contain not only pigment but also waxes in comparison to soft pastels and their characteristic is more similar to crayons. The difference to crayons is that they have got more pigment and they are more flexible. The appearance of the material keeps the same only if we do not spread it with the lacquered petrol or expose it to high temperature.

Using the lacquered petrol and turpentine – Thick oil pastels can be diffuse in turpentine so they are washed into something similar reminding and aquarell. There are two ways of using this technique. The first one is to spread the petrol on the paper and then start painting on it, or the second one is to paint on a dry surface and afterwards spread the petrol on it with the help of cotton wool.

Scraping – the technique of scraping is the best to use on a smooth paper. You need to put down even layers of bright tones all over the surface of drawing and the next layer of black colour over it. You can use for scraping the drawing different tools like screw driver, blade or even a specific scalper.

Except these techniques there exist few more in which you can combine the oil pastels with aquarell colours whereas the oil one repulse the water.

Kresba olejovým pastelem
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