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How to Make Teaching Easier.

You will surely find plenty of attractive activities for the class, for which pupils don't need individual supplies but can use common resources instead. So make some room for a special box, full of inspiring tools, in the closet. Set up a rule with your children to always use this box as a reward when the teaching time possibilities allow it.

After all, what kind of child would not be excited about the opportunity to try, e.g., the manual book printing technique, assembling and gluing attractive paper models from cutouts, or tracing interesting templates and their subsequent colouring.

KOH-I-NOOR HARDTMUTH TIP: For book printing, we have printing ink available, but other inks or coloured school inks will serve perfectly. Cut-out templates, downloaded from the Internet and printed in black and white only can be easily promoted to the next level by pupils colouring them before cutting them out with scissors and gluing them. In addition, our product range includes a variety of templates for tracing, which the pupils can then colour according to their own imagination.


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