Fantastic discovering - Drawing.

How to Attract Child’s Attention.

Keep your child away from tablets or other screens. Even though it offers tempting content, it turns the child into a passive consumer. Instead, offer the child opportunities for active creation, so it interactively uses all the senses necessary for the healthy development of the body and mind.

Instead of sitting at a table, start out on the floor or outside in the fresh air where you can use a variety of natural materials. When choosing tools for their creativity, remember that children love varied colours and familiar shapes. A set of paints and large paper gives them plenty of room for fun.

Pencil is not yet suitable for the child's hands, at early age your child has not yet developed sufficient grip to develop the right habits. Instead, find such drawing tools that will fit your child's hand.

KOH-I-NOOR HARDTMUTH TIP: A suitable painting tool should be able to draw with its entire surface, no matter how the toddler grabs it. If it works from all sides, it will enjoy the chosen fun activity longer.


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