Cool and original - Painting.

How to Excel.

If others really should perceive you, you need to impress them, attract their attention, appeal with something unusual that they have not seen elsewhere. 🤩

The world of teenagers is opening up to you, so you need to come up with something of the appropriate level. 😎 Rely on your intuition, give free way to creativity. Put part of yourself in your work and let others to praise your originality.

KOH-I-NOOR HARDTMUTH TIP: In every single Magic Paint or Crayon, there are three different shades mixed, creating unrepeatable and attractive combinations you won't find anywhere else.


Blot Picture

Even an ordinary blot, created for example with watercolour paints, can be turn...
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Decorative Acrylic Shades

Gold, silver, bronze, pearl. Not suitable for all illustrations. What practical...
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Advantages of KOH-I-NOOR HARDTMUTH Crayons

Let's take a look at the assessment of the quality of our crayons through the e...
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Tips for Your Child’s Birthday Celebration

A birthday party is a very important event for every birthday person. Get inspi...
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Brilliant Watercolours, Ideal for Schoolchildren

After we introduce classic watercolours to our children and we are confident th...
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Wax Crayons – Crayons for Children

Are you thinking about suitable crayons for your kids? Don't forget wax crayons...
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Wax Aquarell – Three in One

Artistic aquarelle wax pastels with a strong core in wooden packaging. Suitable...
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