Joyful playing - Drawing.

How to Entertain a Child.

Although modern technologies bring the temptation of entertaining the children easily, and television broadcasts plenty of children stories, it is still only a passive form of learning that hurts a child's healthy development rather than being beneficial.

Therefore lead your child to active creation instead, encouraging the child's imagination, stimulating all the senses through which the child's body receives enough stimuli necessary for development. As a result, you will not only certainly entertain the child, but the child will also create a number of things that will make both of you happy and will not disappear as quickly as when turning the multimedia device off.

You can draw with your child outside and inside, in any weather. The sidewalk, blackboard, wall, endless paper roll and ordinary paper sheets will all work just great. Your toddler will naturally move from drawing using natural materials, such as dandelion, to art supplies, making a big step into the colourful world of fantasy.

KOH-I-NOOR HARDTMUTH TIP: Choose the supplies that will be convenient for the child to use thanks to their characteristics. Whether you give your child wax crayons, Scala crayons, Triocolor triangular crayons, Plasticolor plastic crayons, or sidewalk chalks, if they feel good with them, they will begin to create their own world of colours and fantasy to which they will be happy to return.


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