Teachers recommend - Writing.

How to Teach Your Child to Write.

At the enrolment to school, encourage parents to keep exercising proper grip techniques with their children before entering school, eliminating difficult correcting of incorrect grip in the first grade.

Before the writing itself, loosen up the hands of the children with the relaxation exercises, starting with the movements of the whole arms through the forearm to the wrist. Circular movements can also be practiced with a brush or blackboard sponge in their hand. We recommend repeating all exercises with children also after finishing the writing.

For the beginnings of writing, recommend the children to use a pencil number 2 or number 1 if they apply too much pressure on the pencil. Check their correct position at the table, grip, and writing results. If they manage not to apply too much pressure on the pencil during the first half of the year and learn the individual strokes and letters, you can gradually start using a pen or roller. Of course, a wiping table can also be a handy tool for the child.

KOH-I-NOOR HARDTMUTH TIP: Interactive whiteboard will certainly not replace the classic white chalk which doesn't make the pupils' eyes hurt even if they are seated in the last desks. At your discretion, you can then let the pupils to keep the Torpedo roller in their case so that they can acquire pencil writing skills.


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