Teachers recommend - Drawing.

What the Pen Case should Contain.

At the first school, children often draw and colour in lessons, so a set of 12 colors of triangular crayons comes handy. Along with the crayons they need a good sharpener of the appropriate size.

They will use it, as well as the rubber, also for the medium hardness pencils, of which they should ideally have two pieces in the pen case in case they need a spare quickly. Another item to include in the pen case is a pen with a corrective tip or a roller, but both only after the children master the pencil. Last but not least, round-tipped scissors and a ruler should also be included in the pen case and older children should also have a drawing set at hand.

KOH-I-NOOR HARDTMUTH TIP: We offer rollers in ten different designs, so the right one for their pen case is surely available for both, boys and girls. Wax crayons and woodless coloured pencils Progresso are great supplement for Triocolor colour scale.


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