Fantastic discovering - Writing.

How to start with a child.

For the proper development of the child's graphomotor skills, you need to proceed systematically. Writing is based on the hand and eye coordination; the hand is closely linked to the brain; by stimulating all senses through the active activity of the child, you will give your child a healthy foundation for life.

Make your child move. Begin with gross motor activity, movements with their entire hand starting in their shoulder, train balance and stretching, stimulate your child through active contact with the outside world, and keep the child away from the screens.

Allow the child to create things on the ground, first on all fours, later you can move to the wall. Instead of using tiny items, use the hand-held tools and let the child connect the individual points on the large paper, trace the curves, and try straight lines.

KOH-I-NOOR HARDTMUTH TIP: You don't need any tools to write to sand or clay using your fingers, but a found wooden stick can become the first imaginary pencil that your child uses.


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