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How to Work Effectively.

Write down all your current tasks, divide the ones which are more complex into smaller subtasks, define priorities, and colour-code them. When scheduling the agenda for each day, write down one or two larger tasks, add some smaller tasks according to the remaining time, and remember the time reserves and pauses to avoid the press.

Check which time of day you are most productive and schedule the most demanding work there. Start now, do not postpone it to avoid fall into the procrastination trap. Don't let your phone, colleagues, emails or anything else disturb you while you are working. Focus only on your task, create your work flow. Finally, don't forget to reward yourself with something pleasant for a well-done job and relax enough to have energy for your next task.

To keep track of your tasks, use a planning diary, possibly in combination with sticky notes, where you can see everything right in front of you, even if your phone's battery runs out. Notes are best made with a pencil, roller, or liner with a thin, easy-to-read line. At the same time, you can easily add notes to existing text.

KOH-I-NOOR HARDTMUTH TIP: With our fineliners and Mephisto micro-pencils, you can easily write to your diary; use highlighters to colour-code priorities.


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