Office - Drawing.

How to keep track of your tasks.

Give your written notes a new dimension, discover the magic of infographics! Large paper, whiteboard, or flipchart, combined with markers, will provide you with an ideal environment for graphical representation of your thoughts and tasks. Work with clearly structured lists, draw graphs or mind maps. It will help you to sort out ideas and it will be easier for you to find your feet.

Use multi-coloured labels, pins or otherwise highlight important information. Determine a distinctive colour system and follow it conscientiously, learn how to sort things into folders and subfolders. This will save you the time spent with searching for the necessary information.

KOH-I-NOOR HARDTMUTH TIP: We bring solutions for every surface. The new generation of whiteboard and flipchart markers will be well visible on whiteboards and papers, permanents reliably hold on the rest of surfaces.


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