Creative - Painting.

How to Develop Yourself Creatively.

Draw inspiration from the world around you, nature, other people, focus on small details or original views that others wouldn't even notice. Give yourself space for your imagination.

Try new methods and techniques and improve those you already can handle. Engage in challenges and accept suggestions that will move you forward. Open up to new ideas and don't be afraid to implement them.

KOH-I-NOOR HARDTMUTH TIP: Acrylic paints will not only take your painting to the next level, but they will also hold on to all kinds of surfaces. You can decorate the wall with them, paint on wood, stone, ceramics, and virtually on anything.


The Best Paper for Watercolour Paints

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Watercolour Paints in a Practical Case

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Decorative Acrylic Shades

Gold, silver, bronze, pearl. Not suitable for all illustrations. What practical...
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Starting to Work with Aquarelle Paints

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Painting on Stones

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Drawing Inks with Metallic Shades

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Wax Aquarell – Three in One

Artistic aquarelle wax pastels with a strong core in wooden packaging. Suitable...
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