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How to Become Famous.

You have the talent and experience to come up with something extraordinary, something that has not occurred to others, or something they did not have the courage to implement. Go ahead and step up to the level of authority in your field. Make your name a brand that others will love.

Get inspired by Joseph Hardtmuth, an architect who invented his own graphite processing method, laying down the foundation for one of the world's largest pencil making factories. His name still appears on dozens of factories, hundreds of branded stores, and countless products around the world. Just like he needed a pencil, more than two hundred years ago, to sketch the Lednice minaret, his pencils are still used not only by architects, designers, and artists, but by anyone who needs to write down or draw something.

KOH-I-NOOR HARDTMUTH TIP: You would hardly find a more practical pencil than our iconic Versatil - a mechanical pencil with a metal sheath. You can use it not only with graphical and pastel leads, but also with pastels in larger diameters.


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