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Your years of testing and discovering are over, so you have enough experience to know exactly what you want. Ask for the widest possible offer so that you can choose the right items for you.

As true grandmasters of drawing, you will use all the colourful nuances of the individual shades available in the professional range of pastels, crayons, chalks and others. Likewise, there is nothing to prevent you from applying the techniques through which you are able to mix original shades yourself. Boldly get down to making masterpieces.

KOH-I-NOOR HARDTMUTH TIP: You can choose from 120 shades of colours in our soft pastels collection, or even from 144 shades of Polycolor artistic coloured pencils; other products are not staying behind either.


Try Basics of Pen-and-Ink Drawing

We do not need expensive fountain pens and inks for quality pen-and-ink drawing...
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What is fixative and how to use it

The fixative is a solution that will protect your drawings made with pastel, ch...
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Discover the Magic of the Blender

In some sets, or sometimes separately, you will find a crayon with a white hard...
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Drawing Inks with Metallic Shades

One of the basic drawing techniques is working with drawing ink. The metallic s...
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Master the Hard Gioconda Art Pastels

In addition to soft pastels, artists like to use hard pastels for their special...
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Versatil with Metallic Shades

Who wouldn't want to try a mechanical pencil with metallic leads?
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Tips for Pencil Drawing

A pencil is an indispensable tool for any design and sketching. It's hard to fi...
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Soft Pastels – Round vs. Square

Let's have a look at the differences in the use of round and square soft pastel...
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Wax Aquarell – Three in One

Artistic aquarelle wax pastels with a strong core in wooden packaging. Suitable...
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