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We bring joy and fun to life through our art products for both kids and grown-ups.


Kids collection accompany our little ones from their first creative steps, through playing and creating at home and at school up to their adulthood. All products from this collection have undergone the strictest health and safety tests.


If you want to enjoy pleasant moments full of creative work even in adulthood, choose products from our Creative collection. You can find many original and high-quality products there.


Professional artists can rely on a wide range of top quality art supplies, which can be easily found in stores due to their wine red Art collection package designs.


Do-it-yourself men, as well as professional craftsmen, cannot get by without the right equipment. With our DIY collection they have all necessary tools nearby to do it themselves.


Organizing your work has never been easier than with our office aids. Product line Office brings them all together.

Special collections.

Besides our standard products, our rich assortment includes unique tailor-made masterpieces. You can easily find the right present for your loved ones or acquire something remarkable, thanks to our selected collections.

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Christmas challenge

The Christmas challenge is here! Let's create together the atmosphere of this C...
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Music Colouring Book for Your Good Mood

Colouring books are a classic fun for all ages, but these musicals ones bring s...
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Try Basics of Pen-and-Ink Drawing

We do not need expensive fountain pens and inks for quality pen-and-ink drawing...
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The Best Paper for Watercolour Paints

There is hardly more suitable paper for painting with watercolour paints in our...
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How to Choose Pencils

Probably everyone knows a pencil, but let's talk about how we divide the pencil...
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Create an Original Greeting Card

To create your own greeting card, you will need white sturdy papers, coloured i...
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Watercolour Paints in a Practical Case

You can use artistic watercolour paints in a practical wooden resealable packag...
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What Are the Magic Coloured Pencils Good For

Magic coloured pencils combine three colour shades in their core. Thanks to the...
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Blot Picture

Even an ordinary blot, created for example with watercolour paints, can be turn...
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Drawing with Coloured Pencils Step by Step

Let's go through the picture creation process from the first step to the last.
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Modelling Clay for Sculptors

Modelling clay for sculptors is sold in a basic package of 0,5 kg, but because ...
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Three Different Techniques of Creation with Pastels

Has it been a long time since you learned a new style of drawing? Then there is...
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Decorative Acrylic Shades

Gold, silver, bronze, pearl. Not suitable for all illustrations. What practical...
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Starting to Work with Aquarelle Paints

If you like fine and fragile pictures, you will definitely be enchanted by the ...
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Evaluation of Fineliners

KOH-I-NOOR HARDTMUTH fineliners are suitable for drawing and writing; their tri...
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Painting on Stones

How to combine DIY with creativity? Go out for a walk, collect a few pebbles of...
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Make a Kiwi Bird

To create their own little bird, children will need white sturdy papers, wax cr...
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What is fixative and how to use it

The fixative is a solution that will protect your drawings made with pastel, ch...
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Fall in Love with Oil Paints

Oil paints are the most beautiful medium for many artists. It's the scent of tu...
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Advantages of KOH-I-NOOR HARDTMUTH Crayons

Let's take a look at the assessment of the quality of our crayons through the e...
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Discover the Magic of the Blender

In some sets, or sometimes separately, you will find a crayon with a white hard...
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Tips for Your Child’s Birthday Celebration

A birthday party is a very important event for every birthday person. Get inspi...
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Drawing Inks with Metallic Shades

One of the basic drawing techniques is working with drawing ink. The metallic s...
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Master the Hard Gioconda Art Pastels

In addition to soft pastels, artists like to use hard pastels for their special...
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Brilliant Watercolours, Ideal for Schoolchildren

After we introduce classic watercolours to our children and we are confident th...
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Wax Crayons – Crayons for Children

Are you thinking about suitable crayons for your kids? Don't forget wax crayons...
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Versatil with Metallic Shades

Who wouldn't want to try a mechanical pencil with metallic leads?
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Tips for Pencil Drawing

A pencil is an indispensable tool for any design and sketching. It's hard to fi...
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Soft Pastels – Round vs. Square

Let's have a look at the differences in the use of round and square soft pastel...
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Wax Aquarell – Three in One

Artistic aquarelle wax pastels with a strong core in wooden packaging. Suitable...
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Introducing a New Website

KOH-I-NOOR HARDTMUTH's website is getting a brand new design. Besides the desig...
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Quality since 1790.

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Thanks to our experience covering four different centuries, our craftsmanship has been perfected. However, we are constantly moving forward in the development, rewriting the limits of possibilities.

Thus, we are able to provide our customers with products tailored to their special requirements.

In 1790 Joseph Hardtmuth laid the foundations of the company from which his grandson Franz has created one of the world's largest companies producing and distributing art, school, and office supplies of the highest quality.

After almost 230 years, we still maintain the traditional Czech brand on the global top in our field.

When choosing raw materials, we emphasize first-class quality and health harmlessness.

Whether we are talking about FSC wood from Siberian cedars, rich pigments, or meeting the strictest standards, we always make sure you take home only the best you can get!