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Ecology and Safety

KOH-I-NOOR HARDTMUTH a.s. considers ecology and environmental protection as one of the priorities of its entrepreneurial activities.

Reduction of any ecological burden of processed raw material

Ekologie a bezpečnost
Ekologie a bezpečnost
Ekologie a bezpečnost
Ekologie a bezpečnost
Ekologie a bezpečnost

Wood is the main raw material used in the production of pencils, the fact of which makes the company aware of global ecology – the company is by no means indifferent to felling trees in tropical rain forests. For this reason, KOH-I-NOOR HARDTMUTH a.s. exclusively uses wood which is grown silviculturally*. Since the predominant part of the production is aimed at children, the products must be made out of materials which cannot harm them. Moreover, these materials recycle easily, both in the production and natural processes. All **packaging is made from recyclable material; likewise, top cardboard packaging is made of recycled material.

Decreasing the influence of the production on the vicinity

One of the backbones of our ecological policy is to decrease the influence of the production on the vicinity. Although the company – upon its foundation 150 years ago – was to be found far beyond the town, now it is located more or less in the centre of České Budějovice, a town of 100,000 inhabi­tants. The demands on our production ecology are thus increased lest the inhabitants are burdened with noise, exhalations, excessive traffic and sewage water. Currently, all these matters have been solved by both sides for their utmost satisfaction.

Product safety for children

As a large part of our production is addressed to children, even to the smallest ones, products for them are to comply with norms which are far stricter than those applying to other products. Very soon, children will begin to show their desire to create and record their impressions and experiences. When drawing, they tend to lick and nibble at pencils, which are potentially dangerous activities. It is a matter of course, therefore, that all products aimed at children comply with all conditions set by the European norm EN71, so that their common use is quite safe and free of ill effects. The content of hazardous heavy metals, which may be contained in products, is deep below the limits approved by the norm, and their values are regularly inspected by an authorized laboratory. To prevent the child’s possible contact with the pencil lead, the pencil butt is sealed with wood. A potential unsuitability of the product for the youngest age groups is clearly indicated either on the packaging or the product itself.

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