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Acrylic colours

Acrylic colours, as well as oil colours and water colours, consist of top quality pigments. They contain an acrylic binder, unlike oil colours where linseed oil is added as binder. This binder consists of polymeric emulsions of artificial resins, water is used as a solvent. These colours therefore have common characteristics with water colours – they dry fast. However, unlike water colours they are not consequently water soluble. Therefore in the case of acrylic colours we can apply layers without risking the blurring of the underlay. Unlike oil colours, the final painting may be finished within a day and there is no need to wait several hours or days for each layer to dry. Acrylic colours, compared to oil colours, are richer and the strong layers do not crack.

Acrylic colours are applicable for all known painting techniques. They can be spread, based on the selected consistency, with a brush, roller or spatula on any non-greasy medium. In the case of a colour dilution higher than 3 parts of water to 1 part of colour the water resistance of the dried colour film decreases and even disappears. Considering the drying speed and consequent insolubility in water it is necessary to keep the brushes and work equipment wet and to wash them thoroughly after finishing the artwork.

The acrylic colours titled ACRYLIC are made from stable non-yellowing acrylic dispersion of top-quality, organic and inorganic pigments and other materials which improve their functional characteristics and stability. The high quality of the colours results mainly from very good colour efficiency, first class light fastness, excellent adhesion to various painting media and stability of the colour film. These qualitative features (opacity, light fastness, colour index) are indicated on labels of particular colours (tubes).

Some painting media, e.g. canvas, hardboard or cardboard, are treated before painting with a layer of acrylic primer. The painting may be finished with a layer of glossy, matte or metallic varnish. A suitable temperature for the application of the colours is 10 to 30°C. Store the colours at normal temperature; protect them against frost and heat.

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