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TOISON D'OR square soft pastels

TOISON D’OR 8580 square soft pastels represent a new product of the company KOH-I-NOOR HARDTMUTH, introduced to the market in 2005. The colour range is similar to the range of the TOISON D’OR 8500 round soft pastels.

The key components of the cakes are very pure micro-pulverized natural substances on a base of calcium carbonate. This is either calcite mineral or chalk. Together with other additives and binding agents it creates a basic mixture, into which colour pigments are carefully mixed. The pigments are purchased from renowned manufacturers from all over the world. Their quality, light permanency and dosed concentration influence the final result as well as durability of the artworks.

The quadratic shape provides, with the exception of common drawing techniques, the possibility to cover large areas using the technique of longitudinal edge drawing. In addition, it enables fine drawing. The square shape therefore provides inspiration and fosters the development of new styles in art technique. The basic characteristic of the square soft pastels is simple distribution in sufficient quantity within an appropriate medium, which allows the consequent distribution of colour dust particles. This technique provides unlimited possibilities of change of the richness and tone. By distribution we can achieve shading of the drawing more simply. After finalization of the artwork, use of a preparation fixative is recommended (prevents subsequent blurring).

No component used in production contains toxic or otherwise harmful substances and the final product is therefore suitable for all age categories.

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