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How to work with the oil pastels – the technique of erasing

Oil pastel remind more crayons than soft pastels. They contain a digger amount of pigment and their softness depends on the temperature. Paintings created by this technique are very resistant and light-fast too which are similar to an oil painting. The following practical exercises can be easily tried with our tools and materials by every single artist – beginner within the school lessons or other interest groups organised at schools.

The main tools for the work with oil pastels are papers, appropriate object for erasing and the oil pastels themselves.

The oils pastels GIOCONDA are supplied in sets of 12 or 24 and they are ideal not only for professional artist but also for children within the school activities. It is suitable to use a smooth paper – school sketchpad A4, A3 and furthermore an object for erasing – a nail, a blade, a needle, a screwdriver or simply a special paint scraper.

This technique needs applying even layers of bright tone all over the area of the drawing and painting over other layers of darker tone. This kind of painting is later erased with the help of any metal object or the paint scraper.

Rules to remember:
1. Use a smooth paper.

2. The basic layer can be done with one or more colours.

3. It is possible to use different object for erasing – for erasing lines use sharp and soft objects, for erasing areas use wider objects (e.g. paint scrapers).

1. Firstly apply oil pastels with clear colours, beginning with yellow, orange up to dark red. (PICTURE 1).

2. The whole painting cover with something dark, the best would be black oil pastel. (PICTURE 2).

3. Now start erasing the picture. First erase the contours of the objects. (PICTURE3).

4. Use wide object for erasing larger areas of the picture.

Scraping - illustration pictureScraping - illustration pictureScraping - illustration pictureScraping - illustration picture
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