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HOW TO DRAW – use of graphite pencil and an eraser – practical exercise – structure of zebras skin

The history of drawing can be placed twenty thousand years ago where the Paleolith man started to write on the walls of the caves. Drawings have also been an important part of Egyptian, Greek and Roman art. A significant sign was the invention of paper in China dated back to year 105 A.D. In Renaissance there was a necessity to master the drawing and regarding Michelangelo, Raffael or Leonardo da Vinci it was also a manifestation of masters. Technique of drawing with pencil is very popular these days, concerning both young children who are just discovering the magic of it and reputable artist. When we are talking about the traditional use of pencil, we are not far away form an eraser which is used not only for correction but also as an equal drawing tool in order to achieve the artistic goal.

The basic tools for the technique are paper, graphite pencil and eraser. The paper one uses is important, for demanding artist we supply the hand- made or special sketchpads in format A5, A4 and A3. Children are recommended to use school sketchpads of format A4 or A3.

KOH-I-NOOR HARDTMUTH produces graphite pencils in gradation scale up to 20, beginning with the softest 8B up to the hardest one 10H (series 1500, 1900, 1860). Use pencils of middle gradation – HB or B, and softer pencils of gradation 2B, 4B for this practical exercise. KOH-I-NOOR HARDTMUTH sources appropriate erasers for retouching or erasing the area which can be found marked 300.

Rubber is a natural companion of graphite pencils when it comes to traditional drawings. Rubber helps to obtain the shapes of lines or tones of the drawing as intended by the author. To achieve interesting artistic effects, apply either gentle or strong strokes with the rubber into monotonous and flat tones as drawn by a graphite pencil.

Rules to be followed while working with erasers:
1. Light touching the surface with the eraser in order to let medium dark and dark tones appear.

2. On areas you need the biggest amount of the light, remove the drawing completely.

1. Firstly pre-draw the contour in which you want to draw the texture of zebra. The best is to use a pencil with HB or B gradation (PICTURE 1)

2. Afterwards use a softer graphite pencil of 2B or 4B gradation and use it for shading or hatching the inside of the contour.(PICTURE 2)

3. Finally use the eraser for making the main white stripes of the texture. Very visible transitions between the dark and light part.

Rubber - illustration pictureRubber - illustration pictureRubber - illustration picture
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