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Encaustic painting

Encaustic painting consists of mixing pigments into molten beeswax and their application on the surface while they are still hot. The advantages of this method are mainly that they do not stretch in heat and also they do not shrink in cold. On the other side it is important to protect the encaustic painting against rubbing. The quality of wax painting needs certain specific tools and equipment. For example: a solder, a hairdryer and a gas cooker. To keep the wax colour hot and to be able to paint with brush, they are mixed and placed on a special hot surface/desk of palette. As soon as the brush lays down the colour on a cold surface, the melted wax gets solid immediately. That is why the painting can be repainted straight away.

For preparation of the encaustic colours we have to warm up the wax in double-bottom pot in order not to burn the wax. We add wax palm because it has got higher melting point and therefore is melted for longer time. We mix pigment dust with the wax in the bowls standing on the cooker. The colours can be spread either on a hot or cold surface. Using cold base, the colours get solid in a minute while using warm base, the colours can be mixed with neighbouring colours.

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